Be of Faith & Courage!! (by Pastor Eric Yata)

Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them.  Joshua 1:6

In 2019, I had the great privilege and honor to follow in the footsteps of Rev. Rod Yee to become the next Lead Pastor of SanLo. It has been my great pleasure and joy to lead SanLo especially in this next phase of our history to seek a new facility.  I do feel in many ways like the Old Testament leader, Joshua, who in similar fashion followed in the footsteps for the great leader, Moses. He has the heavy task and responsibility to lead God’s people on a new pathway forward with many unknowns into the Promise Land.  

Yet, it was not upon Joshua’s shoulders that he had to carry this enormous responsibility, but it was upon God’s shoulders to carry the people of God. So, what was Joshua’s responsibility?  His responsibility was to led with faith and courage knowing that God would be there every step of the way just as He promised ("for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9)”  

I believe the same truth holds for myself and all of us at SanLo that God is asking us to be of faith and of courage, but not in ourselves, our expertise, or our plans. Rather to be of faith in our God, who is faithful to the very end. So, we might have be of faith and of courage in Christ, especially as He leads us into a new future and possibly a new facility.  

In April, we have entered into escrow with Serving Others Worldwide to sell our facility, and we, too, are like the people of God entering into a new phase of our history here at SanLo. This will require us to be of faith, of courage, of prayer, and of diligence to follow the Lord.

Personally, I am not of fear, worry, or concern, but patiently excited in a posture of humble prayer submitting to the sovereignty of God that He will lead us in His time and in His way.  

I pray that as we enter this entirely new phase of our church’s history that you would join the Elders, Staff, and leadership in faithful prayer and courage, wherever God will take us. It will require faith, which in turn does require some matter of calculated risk, but praise God He has it all under control.

In the same light, I pray this time might be of great encouragement for you individually that it might parallel your own life, where God might be asking you to have faith or courage as a new parent, a new work responsibility, a new open door in retirement or service, or even new challenges in life.  

The lesson for us all no matter, where we are in life is to be faithful and courageous people, who depend upon a faithful and strong God. So that, our life is not about what our church or we have done, but about what our God has powerfully done.