New Years Resolutions 2023

New Years Resolution.
Did you have one for 2022?
Or did it come and go with no significant changes to your lifestyle?

Maybe 2022 was a good year. Maybe it was a bad year.
But was there anything about 2022 that made it a special year?
Anything that could have made the days and weeks and months significant in the way you lived your life? Or was it like any other year?
Do you make a resolution every year?
Do your commitments ever last all year?
Or do they fizzle out with the changing of the month?
What’s on your New Year’s Resolution List?
Better habits? Better grades? Better relationships?
Making a list of resolutions is harder than the list you made last month.
A Christmas list asks, “What do I want as a present?”
The other says, “What do I need to change about my life?”
I would venture to guess that we all need to change something in our life.
Eat better.
Exercise more.
Be more encouraging.

The list can go on and on. Right?
That’s OK. No one is perfect.
Well, Someone was perfect 2000 years ago.
The same Someone who we celebrated on December 25.
Jesus was not only a teacher, a leader and a healer.
He was sinless.
He was perfect.
He was God in human flesh.

Jesus had no need for any resolutions.
There was nothing He had to change.
Nothing he had to improve upon.

Unlike us.
We all could use some help with keeping the commitments we make for the New Year.
Instead of trying to do it on your own, ask for help from the Only One who knows what it’s like to be perfect.

Do that and it will make 2023 a very special and significant year.

Scott Shimada
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