April 21 - Message Update

SanLo Community, an update for the week of April 21, 2019…


Come + Believe – John 20:11-29 – Pastor Eric


Every good man can inspire but only one man can resurrect from the dead. There is only one man who can transform lives. There is only one man causes millions to worship Him. There is only one man who can raise us up from our deepest struggles, fears, and doubts. This man is Jesus Christ, and His resurrection begs us to come and to believe in Him.


Come + believe - Jesus loves the heartbroken. Jesus comes to mend our heartaches. Jesus meets us in our pain and in our loss to give us healing and hope. (John 20:11-18)


Mary was the first one at the tomb heartbroken. She was still completely crushed by her loss, because the man who had changed her life was gone. However, Jesus’ appearance changes everything for her as her grief is shallowed up into joy and her tears of sadness into tears of happiness.


If Jesus can resurrect from the dead, He did the impossible, then certainly Jesus can heal a broken heart. If Christ can overcome death and sin, then Christ can definitely overcome our heartache and our sorrow.


Because He lives, God can heal a broken spirit, a hurting marriage, a depressed soul. God doesn’t guarantee things will be perfect, but God can and will certainly carry through life’s toughest times. Come and believe in the risen Christ to transform your broken heart.


Come + believe - Jesus gives peace to the fearful. The risen Christ will give you assurance and confidence to live now and forever. Jesus empowers us to live beyond our fears even the fear of death. (John 20:19-21)


The doors are all locked, and the disciples have hunkered down hiding out in fear of the Jews. They are afraid for their lives as their leader was murdered, and they believe they are next.


Jesus offers these sweet and soothing words “Peace be with you.” Jesus offers peace to take away their anxiety and fear. This peace carries a greatest sense of power than it has ever before. Not only do we have the peace of God - an internal and inward peace that God is with us, but there now is a peace with God.


Now, every believer has been reconciled to God and brought back into relationship with Him. The former raging battle between sinful man and holy God is over. It is done by the cross and through the grave with a new access and relationship with God, a loving and intimate relationship with the Almighty God has come like never before.


If Jesus can resurrect from the dead, then He can overcome any fear we have. If our eternity is secure, then our life now is secure. So, we don’t have to be afraid of death.


We are completely secure in the God’s grip. And nothing, no nothing will ever take us from our God: not man, not Satan, and not even death itself.  God beckons us to come and to believe in His everlasting peace.


Come + believe - Jesus gives faith to the skeptical. The resurrection of Christ removes our doubts. Jesus gifts us faith to believe in Him. He provides us with an assurance of salvation and confidence to walk with Him both now and forever. (John 20:24-29)


Thomas had been a faithful disciple, but he is the skeptic to say “I got to see it to believe it! Show me His hands and His side!” Not only did I get to see it, but I got to feel it and put my finger right there in it. Show me evidence!”


Thomas with all his doubt came to see the truth and say, “My Lord, my God!”  Jesus took a skeptic and turned him into a servant; a doubter and turned him into a disciple, and an unbeliever and made him into a believer.


If Jesus can resurrect from the dead, then He can overcome any doubt we have.  The resurrection of Christ begs us to come and to believe that God graciously loves sinners like you and me. Come and believe Christ can transform our lives free from fear, free from doubt, and free from death.


Like Mary, Christ can raise you up out of your heartache to give you healing and hope. Like the disciples, Christ can raise you up out of your fear to give you peace. Like Thomas, Christ can raise you up out of your doubt to give you faith.


This is the power of the resurrection. This is the power of the gospel. This is power of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ.  Come and believe in Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!!  Come, believe, and receive God’s gifts of love, peace, and faith for you today!!!