September 27 - Message Update

Worthy is the Lamb – Revelation 5:1-14 – Pastor Eric

Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship for He is both Savior and King.


During Shelter in Place, what has caught your attention? What has captured your eye?  As a church, we were blessed by nine new members last week and two baptisms coming this week to capture our attention. We have seen new babies born, couples married, and lives transformed. Praises to Him.


The book of Revelation ought to capture our attention with wonders from the greatest storyline of all time. Revelation has a way to pull us into another realm of excitement and curiosity, and Revelation Chapter 5 brings us to the very throne room of God, God’s happily ever after place. This chapter implores us to answer the question, why is Jesus Christ worthy of our attention and our worship? Why is Jesus Christ worthy of our time, talent, and treasure? Why give God all of that we are and all that we have?


This is an essential question, because we live in a world with so many competing attentions (i.e. gods) vying for our attention. This teaches us that the question is not whether we worship something or not, because we all worship something, whether it’s people, possessions, power, or pleasure.  We all worship something, but the key point is, is it worthy our worship.


This makes the aim of this passage, so crucial to see and to understand why Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship for He is both Savior and King. Jesus Christ is worthy of my attention, because He is my loving and gracious Savior. He has brought us out of the depths of Hell into the wonders of Heaven. Jesus is our righteous and glorious King, who has complete control of the Universe, especially my and your little universes.


#1 - Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship for He is the Savior of the World. Jesus deserves all praise, because He came down from Heaven in order to be crucified on a cross. He became the Lamb of God to be crushed by the world in order to save the world.  (Revelation 5:1-10)


This vision is an apocalyptic vision meaning it will happen in the future at the end of time, and the angel asks this key question, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and break it seals?”  This scroll reflects the Old Testament covenant blessings and curses, which will be fulfilled at the end of history.  This will be the inauguration of the end times, and only Jesus is worthy to bring about the end, because He is the Lamb of God who was slain. Thus, Christ is exalted in His humiliation and superior in His sacrifice.


In verse 10, God’s salvation plan is not limited to a specific group of people. Salvation in Christ is for every tribe, every language, every people, and every nation.  The gospel does not discriminate by race, by gender, or by language.  Jesus Christ saves all people, all around the world. Thus, the Christian is privileged and pulled into a massive and global movement, the kingdom of God. This movement is bigger than a single country or people group.  It is a movement more powerful and life giving than ever seen or heard.


Today, we live in a world that seems to be so polarized by every topic, every issue, and every group. On every corner of the newspaper or in every social media post from sports to politics, the world seems to be pulling at us to believe that salvation is found in one person or one issue. But this is wrong and short-sighted thinking. Salvation in this world can’t be solved by one vote, party line, or policy.  Salvation can only be found in the Lamb who was slain. Jesus is the only one who can save us from our disparities and our divisions. He is the only one who can save us from our sinful and everlasting problems.  He is the only one who can bring peace not just to our nation, but every nation, the entire world.


More than this, as a believer, we are pulled not into the world, but into the kingdom of God with priestly citizenship. In verse 10, you are made priests to God. Our true citizenship is not grounded in an earthly party line, but in a heavenly priestly line. Our identity is that we are children of Heaven, not children of this world.  We receive the honor to serve the King of Kings. As a result, the believer is given meaning and purpose like nothing ever seen or heard.

#2 Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship for He is the King of the Universe. Jesus deserves all praise, because He reigns over everything in the Universe. All things are in subjection to God. Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship for He is Lord. (Revelation 5:6-14)


Now, enter in verse 6 again, Jesus is described with seven horns, seven eyes, and seven spirits of God. In Revelation, you will see the number seven used quite often. It is known as the divine and perfect number, and it symbolizes completeness and wholeness. Jesus has seven horns meaning He has complete divine power and strength. He is omnipotent and all powerful.  The seven eyes symbolize Jesus has complete wisdom and knowledge making Him omniscient, all knowing. Jesus is described with seven spirits of God for He is the wholeness of God.  There are not seven individual spirts of God, but one sufficient Holy Spirit.


This description of Jesus Christ seems weird and strange, but seven horns, seven eyes, and seven spirits are a necessary picture to show the transcendency of God. God is transcendent meaning He is completely other than anything and anyone else in the universe. This is the very essence of who God is for He is like nothing you will ever see or hear of. The very being of God must be that way, because if you could explain or describe God fully, then God would cease to be God.


So, out of this transcendent picture of God comes a worship response. In verse 11 and 12, not only will all the world be subject to Christ, but the entire universe will be subject to Christ. The angelic creatures, the elders in heaven, and the celestial creatures on earth are all in subjection to Christ. This declaration provides a meaningful and proper conclusion to magnify God to His rightful place, and this is the perfect song to exalt the perfect God of the universe.


As said earlier, we all worship something. Nobody worships nothing. It’s just whether or not it’s worthy of your time and talents and treasures. So, what do you worship in your heart? What or who has a hold of your heart today?  Does God have your heart?  Does sin and idolatry have your heart?  Does anxiety or weariness or lust or bitterness have your heart? Does the desire for someone else or something have your heart?


You see whatever has your heart, has your attention, and then has your worship. The person or thing that has your heart, then is king over your life.  And if your heart is given to something else other than the King of the Universe, then it is given to a lesser king and to sin, because you have replaced God with a false king and that king has reign and rule over your life.


The only response is to repent and to turn from your sin, let go of that lesser king in order that you can see and prize Christ as the King of Kings and to cherish Him as the greatest treasure of all. (Psalm 86:12) And when we do, then Christ will rule and reign in our hearts with perfect peace, perfect joy, and perfect love.


Then, we can testify that the world will always be pulling at our hearts and minds to entertain and to fascinate us with momentary wonders and bribes of happily ever afters. But truly and truly, we can say only Christ can and will entertain and fascinate us with an eternity of wonders and a happily ever after for only He is worthy of our worship to bring all things to His glorious end.


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