September 19 - Message Update

Healing for the Broken – Acts 3:1-11 – Pastor Eric

Only Jesus Christ can heal what is broken, so only He deserves the glory.


There is always someone around us who needs help.  The sad reality is that we live in a fallen and sinful world, where people desperately need help, help from God. And if we think only of self, then we will miss out on an opportunity to see the Lord bring about healing in a way that we might never have expected, just like the disciples in Acts 3.


From Acts 3, we can know only Jesus Christ can heal what is broken, so only He deserves the glory.  Only Jesus Christ has the power to heal and to mend the brokenhearted.  Only Jesus Christ has the ability to transform a life, so only He should get the credit and honor for any healing in this life. 


(1) Kindness opens the door to God’s power of healing. Compassion can be the avenue to open the door to another person’s heart.  A simple act of kindness can be the turning point for someone’s eternity with God. (Acts 3:1-5)


Pentecost has taken place, where the Holy Spirit came upon the church. This was a tremendous movement of the Holy Spirit capturing the hearts and minds of many people. Now, Peter and John take their daily routine journey to the temple in order to pray.  Dr. Luke describes a man who has been lame from birth.  This man is not simply hurt. He was physically crippled from the time that he was born. His life is helpless and hopeless in many regards and the only thing he can do is beg for a few coins.


Peter and John stop for this man. It is an amazing show of Christian kindness and compassion.  They see that God’s work is right in front of them in this hurting man, and they give him their personal and undivided attention.  They show this man dignity and worth.


This is the same thing that Jesus Christ, our Lord, did when He met with a blind man, a leper, a prostitute, and a tax collector. The amazing part about Jesus is that He never hesitated to show love toward those the world hated or shunned.


Would you give this man the time of day?  Would you show human dignity to listen him?  Can you show others the same kindness that Christ has shown you? Can you cross social norms and boundaries to love people with the love of Jesus?


Church, we must. There isn’t any way around it to help open the door for God to do His Work. If we never get out of our bubble or holy huddle, then we will miss an opportunity to see the Holy Spirit change the world around us.


(2) Only Jesus Christ has the power to heal what is broken. Only Jesus can heal the brokenhearted. Only Jesus Christ has the ability to mend the hurting for only He can change a person. (Acts 3:6-7)


Peter’s answer is so good as he proclaims that the earthly value of silver and gold have little value for this man.  The earthly treasure that he seeks will not change what is broken.  But Peter offers him something far beyond the value of gold and silver, Jesus Christ. He proclaims the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His healing power.


And the power of God transforms a crippled man into being a cheerleader for God.  He goes from being broken to being a broadcaster for Jesus. He goes from being passed by to praising God on high. The transformation of this man is a miracle only done by the hand of God.


The beauty of God and the gospel is that outwardly we are wasting away, but inwardly we are renewed and refreshed day by day by the power of the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 4:16) The gospel reveals that our greatest need is not physical healing, but spiritual healing, and our greatest concern is not cancer or covid, but an eternity without God.


(3) So only Jesus Christ gets the glory for it is His healing power, not any man, person, or pastor. Only Jesus gets the credit.  The honor and the glory should go to God and nobody else. (Acts 3:8-10)


The description from Dr. Luke of this man is progressive, from walking to leaping and to praising.  It was simply unbelievable that he can walk, not only to walk but to leap for joy. What follows is amazement, wonder, and astonishment.  And the people are awestruck at what had happened to this man, and they are marveling at him like a YouTube video gone viral. 


This emphasis is recorded by Luke in verse 10, “they were filled with wonder and amazement.”  This combination of words is never seen anywhere else in the entire New Testament, and this special emphasis describes an unprecedented moment to spark the church forward and to heal a broken man.


Now, a question that might come to your mind is, why doesn’t God do this anymore? Why don’t we see more people walk, who are lame? Why don’t we see this happen today? 


God can and does do miracles around the world. However, there was a specific apostleship and authority given to the Disciples in order to begin the church in the 1st Century.  This passage is describing what took place and not prescribing what should take place.


God may withhold on the dramatic, because He understands human nature. God knows that if He continued to perform miracles over and over again, then people would not attribute that miracle to God, but to a person or preacher.  Mankind would seek the idolatry of human power over God’s power and human glory over the glory of God.


God’s ultimate redemptive purpose again is not the restoration of the physical or the human body. His ultimate purpose is the restoration of the spiritual, the eternal soul. So, the reason why God does heal people is to reveal a greater glory that is to come in Heaven with Christ.


May we all find our true help comes only from the one and only true Healer and Helper, the Almighty God for Jesus is able to heal what is broken, so He alone gains all the glory.


Praise Songs:

Battle Belongs, God You’re So Good, Our God, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Doxology