October 9 - Message Update

Come & Arise – Mark 5:21-43 – Pastor Eric



Sadly, the truth of the matter is that death will come to all of us.  As much as we can applaud medicine and human ingenuity, it can never defeat death.  We are all doomed for no one can live forever.  This is a hard reality and true reality that must be dealt with.  We can’t wait for later or think we are invincible. We can’t ignore the age-old problem of death.


We have got to believe that only Jesus Christ has the power to save us from death and only Jesus Christ has the power to bring anybody out of their pain and their suffering. 


Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has the ability to resurrect the dead and to defeat death.  Only Jesus Christ has the capability to restore what was or is broken.  Only Jesus Christ can bring healing and wholeness.


This is the same truth that the people in Mark 5 needed to know and to experience for each person was experiencing their own pain and suffering. Yet, it is through their unbearable circumstances that they all come to see the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ, who raises them up out of their pain and suffering. 


(1) Jesus Christ has the power to sympathize with the hurting.  Jesus Christ meets us in the hurt.  He is a compassionate Savior and God.  He has a sympathetic heart to deeply care for those who are down and out, pained by suffering. (Mark 5:21-24)


One of these followers in the crowd is a man named Jairus. It is important to understand that Jairus was a man of distinction, respect, and standing. He was well known and well off; yet he was desperate.  His situation was dire and getting more and more hopeless by the second.  This man seeks out Jesus believing that He could heal his daughter.


Jesus sees a heartbroken father and His heart breaks.  He has sympathy for this man, who could have very easily been against Him.  Jesus has compassion for this hurting dad, and He takes action to meet this man where he is.


We are struck by Jesus’ sympathy and compassion, and the man’s faith to seek out Jesus.  It is both the man’s faith and Jesus’ sympathy that should invite us to respond in faith. 


But faith is not always our normal tendency in suffering.  We don’t naturally respond this way.  Many times, our pain and suffering make us blind to God and His sympathy.  Our suffering makes us think God doesn’t care, and our hurt can create within us anger against God and others.  It makes us believe God isn’t real.


From this story, we see God is never absent from our pain and our suffering; and He knows and understands what our suffering is like for He Himself suffered the greatest suffering of all, the pain and rejection of the cross. 


Therefore, Jesus can and will meet you in your present suffering right now.  He sees it, and He is working to care for you in a way you might never even imagine, so that you might experience what tender care that He has for you.


(2) Jesus Christ has the power to heal the broken. Not only does Jesus Christ have the power to sympathize with our hurt, but He has the power to mend what is hurt.  Jesus Christ has the ability and the presence to remedy the sufferings of our minds, hearts, and souls.  (Mark 5:24-34)


In the midst of this crazy crowd, there is a woman who is suffering and has suffered tremendously.  She has had internal bleeding for not just a year or two, but twelve years of tremendous physical suffering.  On top of her physical suffering was twelve years of emotional pain and twelve years of social isolation. She is out of money, she is an outcaste in society, and she is out of options.


She has heard the reports about this healer who has changed the life of a leper, someone like her.  She can only hope and believe that He might be the answer to all of her ills in life.  It is through her faith and touch of Jesus that she is immediately and radically healed. She instantly feels her body go from an ongoing flow of blood to a dry well.  Jesus has done the miraculous and the impossible!!!!


Christ can take away the shame, the brokenness, and the hurt, and He can replace it with peace, shalom, rest, and healing.  Just as Jesus said to the woman, “Daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace.”  God’s peace is a settling of our broken heart and mind that only Christ can do.  God’s peace is the healing of the soul to take away shame and offer relief. This is a peace that surpasses all understanding.


His healing power is complete to heal beyond the physical, which isn’t always guaranteed, but to heal the deepest pains of the soul.  That is what we need to know!!!


(3) Jesus Christ has the power to overcome death. The resurrection of the young girl is the foreshadowing of the resurrection of Christ to show us only He and He alone can resurrect the dead.  Only He and He alone can conquer death.  Only He and He alone has triumphed over the grave. (Mark 5:35-43)


The final scene has gone from bad to worse as Jesus arrives at the house of Jarius.  What seems like an unnecessary interruption of the bleeding woman is actually a purposeful delay on the part of Jesus.  This reminds us that God’s timing is always perfect even the painful delays of life can be purposeful. 


This is true as Jesus comes to the house with the voices and the sounds of death.  All the reports, all the witnesses, all the noise, and all the laughs point to the fact that the girl is dead. Everything is stacked against Jesus, except we are talking about Jesus here.


Jesus enters the home and gently takes the girl’s hand, speaking in Aramiac, “Talitha cumi.” Talitha means lamb, little lamb, sweet child…arise!  It is in a few simple words that Jesus raises up the dead.  The power of His words comes from the beginning of creation with the same power to speak creation into order, the same power to breathe life into man, and the same power to awaken the dead to life.


Instantly, the girl is awoken.  She is risen from the dead.  She is up and walking and moving.  Her resurrection is now confirmed by her snacking on something to eat.  What we cannot miss here is the power of Christ to do the miraculous, because He is the miraculous Savior.  He is the only one who could ever do this for He is the only God who ever rose from the dead.


The resurrection of this girl ought to pull us, as New Testament believers and gospel people, toward the resurrection of Christ Himself.  This is a foreshadowing of the greatest feat, the empty tomb.  Christ died on a cross and resurrected three days later for He is risen indeed!  


We ought to be shaken and awoken up if we are slurred by our pain to know that the true power of healing rests in the God-man, Jesus Christ.  This is the belief and the faith that we rest our heads and souls upon every day of our lives, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring illness, suffering, pain, or death. 


Jesus sees our suffering, and He lifts us up out of our suffering so that we can know Him as the Resurrected King, the Miracle Worker, and the Sympathetic Savior of the World, who has the power to raise up anybody out of their pain and their suffering.



Praise Songs:

Psalm 90 (Satisfy Us with Your Love), Wonderful Maker, Our God, The Solid Rock, Doxology