October 31 - Message Update

Good News for All – Acts 10:34-43 – Pastor Eric

The Gospel is for everyone.


Does God show partiality? Is the gospel truly for all people, every sin, and every sinner? In the book of Acts, believers like the Apostle Peter were wrestling with similar questions, was the gospel really for everyone? Does the good news of Jesus only fit for a specific group of people?


The answers to all these questions come from the Word and what Peter declared many years ago about the gospel at a time when God swept away centuries of religious, cultural, and racial prejudice in Acts 10. 


Peter declared the gospel is for everyone, because Jesus Christ loves people, who don't deserve to be loved. The gospel is for all people - no matter your age, occupation, race, lifestyle, or sin.  The gospel is for you, because God loves you no matter what you’ve done, what you are doing, or what you will do.  The good news of the gospel is undeserving and unacceptable people are made deserving and acceptable by Christ. Thus, there is freedom and justice for all in the gospel.


#1 – The gospel is for everyone, because Christ came to love sinners. The gospel is inclusive, because Christ came to be with sinners. Christ sat, ate, and drank especially with those disenfranchised by society. Not only did Jesus meet with these types of people, He healed them of their sickness, pain, and sin. (Acts 10:34-38)


After Cornelius’ conversion and God’s intervention, Peter preaches this truth by saying, “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality!”  This is the tag line of the entire sermon and passage.  This is the anthem that Peter declares that the gospel is for every nation, every tribe, and every tongue for God shows no prejudice or bias with His love.


Jesus came to be with the leper, the demon possessed, and the prostitute, those demeaned incurable, unchangeable, and of no value by the world.  Jesus Christ showed in every possible way His love for all people.


The good news is that God loves you as you are. Christ loves you in your brokenness, in your messes up, in your wrong decisions, and in your sins.  And only Christ has the power to change you and to heal you, that’s why He came.


#2 – The gospel is for everyone, because Christ came to save sinners. Jesus Christ came to die on a cross and to rise from the dead in order to redeem the world from its sinful nature. Jesus Christ came to pay for your sin debt in full by being the perfect sinless sacrifice. (Acts 10:39-42)


Peter further proclaims the gospel by describing what he and the other disciples witnessed.

They are not just witnesses of Jesus as a good prophet, religious man, or healer, but they are witnesses of Jesus as the Savior of the World.  They are to bear witness of His crucifixion and His resurrection.


Today is Halloween, and our culture celebrates the horrors of evil, darkness, and death. Yet, when we ponder the cross, it’s the greatest horror scene in history.  The cross is a place of humiliation, suffering, pain, and torture, but the physical suffering was not even the worst part. 


The worst part is the spiritual suffering Christ endured by the wrath of God upon Himself.  He took the weight of sin for all mankind upon His shoulders, for in that moment His humanity received the greatest demise and horror in history, the punishment for sin.  


At the center of the cross is the greatest horror in history, but the greatest horror becomes the greatest victory in history.  For we know, Christ paid for our sin debt in full, and He rose from the dead to conquer both sin and death.  It is His blood that washes away our sin and makes us a new creation and person in Christ.


Many times in our Christian lives, we move away from the cross, and we feel like we have graduated from it, but we never do. The cross is the very place we must always rest in. Before we came to Christ, we came to the cross for salvation, and after we come to Christ, we are to live out of the cross in salvation, in freedom, not obligation. 


To be people of Jesus, we must be people of the cross, so that we remember and understand how loved we are, because we never deserved the cross in the first place. We deserved wrath and hell.


#3 – The gospel is for everyone, because Christ came to forgive sinners. There is a restoration of a relationship where God restores and reconciles people to Himself.  God brings back the wayward into the presence of God. (Acts 10:43)


This verse shows that the forgiveness of God is not just a New Testament concept, but it was very present in the Old Testament. The offering of God’s forgiveness is so deep and so wide that He has been offering forgiveness to Israel throughout the ages.  


God has never stopped forgiving His people, and God will never stop forgiving you. God’s desire is for you to come back to Him. God desires for you to repent of your sin and to receive His forgiveness.  The gospel is good news because He not only showed us love, but He brings us into a forever love, where you and I get to be with God. 


Brother and sister, if you are wrestling with a sin, and it is holding you back from being with Christ, remember the gospel is for you. God’s forgiveness is always available to us no matter the sin, failure, or mistake if you repent and trust in Him.  Come unto to Him, who is able to pardon your sin!


Praise Songs: Anthem, Man of Sorrows, Jesus Paid it All, Doxology