March 31 - Message Update

Dear SANLO Family, 


Weekly Update - March 31, 2019 - Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21)

Sheep are unstable and helpless wanders. They are defenseless, dependent, and silly animals. We too are like sheep gone astray. We are spiritual and sinful wanderers. We are prone to sin, selfishness, and temptation. All in all, we are very needy people in need of a shepherd and a Savior. 


Thus, we must understand, who is our good shepherd?  Who is this man called Jesus Christ?  And why does He call Himself the good shepherd? 


Jesus is the good shepherd, who knows us better than we know ourselves. There isn’t anything out of His sight. Jesus sees all and knows all. Jesus knows our every intimate thought and move.  (John 10:1-6)


The shepherd knew each sheep by name. In the same way, Jesus knows us each by name. He knows all your idiosyncrasies, quirks, and all. He knows how you smile and what you love to eat or don’t love to eat. He knows your dreams and your hopes. He knows your pain even the sin that you try to hide from Him. Jesus knows every imitate part of your life better than you yourself know, and He calls us to follow Him, the Good Shepherd.


Secondly, Jesus guards us against Satan’s deceptive schemes. He is our protector and our defender. He stands watch 24-7. There isn’t a time when we are out of the Hand of God. (John 10:7-12)


When you come in the door, Jesus, you are not only saved, but you are safe. Jesus is both the way to salvation and the way of life. He saves us, and then He protects us. Jesus defends us from the enemy, who seeks to steal, to kill, and to destroy. 


We must remember the thief’s aim is to steal you away from the Lord and bring you fear and insecurity. The wolf’s goal is to not just harm you, but kill you. The wolf is a predator, and death is his mission. This is a picture of Satan and what he longs, plans, and schemes to bring chaos. 


There is good news!!! Christ came to save us from a living hell. Christ came to stand in the gap and to save us from Satan’s grasp.  Christ came to protect us if we are willing to follow Him.


If you are a believer, then you are sheep in Jesus’ fold, then you are safe. Satan can never take us away from Him. This is the beauty of God’s sovereignty and His election over us. For all of us, let us hear the Good Shepherd’s voice and follow Him. 


Lastly, Jesus loves us by giving up His own life for ours. Jesus sacrifices His life for you and me. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to take away our sin in order that we might have life now and forever.  So, we might receive forgiveness and joy beyond our wildest imaginations.  (John 10:11-18) 


Jesus, the Good Shepherd, stands firm. Not only is the good shepherd willing to stand in the gap, but He is willing to lay down his life for the flock. He loves His sheep more than He loves His own life. 


Jesus’ love is sacrificial. God’s love is beyond measure that He might be our atoning sacrifice. As the good shepherd, He takes the greatest hit of all time, the wrath of God. Also, His love is an all-inclusive love. This love is far reaching beyond the Jewish nation, but to the Gentiles and to the entire world. The gospel extends beyond color, gender, and social standing.  The extraordinary love of God is for people of all walks of life, not just for a select few.  Lastly, His love is submissive. The Father ordained it, and the Son willingly obeyed it. Jesus submitted Himself to His Father’s will. This is the Son’s obedient love to His Father, and the Father loves for His Son to show us what true love is. 


This is the all inclusive love of God for a lonely heart. This is the sacrificial love of God to a wandering soul. This is the submissive love of God for a weary mind. This is the love of the Good Shepherd.


How will you respond to God’s amazing love?  Will you listen or ignore Him?  Will you follow Him or wander away? Will you love Him or reject Him? 


Come follow the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, for He laid down His life for you, and He wants to lead you into greener pastures. 


In His Care, 

Pastor Eric



Praise Songs: The Solid Rock;  Cornerstone;  O Come to the Altar


Children’s Message: Thank you to Eddie Brock for sharing about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd who is always there, looking after us. There are other people and things who are not able to always give us that care, but Jesus can and does as He promises to love us.


Grow SanLo Update: We praise God for your generosity to our church in $749,200 to the GROW SANLO campaign as we continue to seek the Lord’s leading for a new facility. This coming May, it is key to consider giving to our general fund as we will be ending our fiscal year.  We do need to receive a positive giving amount in order to help us prepare for our next steps. Thus, please prayerfully consider how you might participate in giving to our general fund and the GROW SANLO campaign.