June 4 - Message Update

Dear San Lo Community, an update for the week of June 4, 2017

Thank you Pastor Brian for the message from Exodus 35:20-29, “Moved and Stirred.” When I am encouraged, my spirit is lifted and I feel more generous.  Do you find yourself in the same place?  Is it easier to give when inspired by stories about God?  From today’s passage we will observe how God moved in the hearts of His people when their spirits were lifted.  From this account I ask the question, How does God move us to give?

1) God moves us to give from our ASSETS. (vv.20-24) “Every man, who had in his possession blue and purple and scarlet material and fine linen and goats’ hair, and rams’ skins dyed red and porpoise skins, brought therm.  Everyone who could make a contribution of silver and bronze brought the LORD’s contribution; and every man who had in his possession acacia wood for any work of service brought it.” This is how the Israelites responded to God’s generous grace.  Their hearts were stirred or lifted up because God gave them another chance.  Remember Moses’ first mountain top experience with God?  Moses descended after 40 days and nights talking with the LORD only to find Israel worshipping a golden calf.  Now, after another 40 days and nights of a hilltop retreat with God, Moses again instructs the people how to build God’s tabernacle with all its furnishings and priestly garments.  Because of God’s grace, hearts of the people were lifted up and moved to do all that the LORD had commanded. Notice they bring for the building of God’s Tabernacle all the best materials and riches to honor the LORD’s request.  God moved them to bring their finest gifts. God will often move us to give from what we own or possess because He desires His best for us.  God our Father knows how His children can become attached to the things we own.  Have you ever wondered why our possessions and how we handle them is such a huge topic in the Bible?  It’s because instead of us controlling our possessions, our possessions control us.  We become preoccupied with stuff and want more stuff.  We have become so preoccupied with our stuff we hold onto it more than we want to give it to others. Israel is a great example for us.  They realized the grace and generosity of God and chose to give Him their assets and possessions. As God moves in your life, consider how He might be leading you to give from your assets.  Ask Him how He might move you to share your resources and offer your possessions for His work.         

2) God moves us to give from our ABILITIES. (vv.25-26) “All the skilled women whose heart stirred (was lifted up) with a skill spun the goat’s hair.” The word skilled not only means ability but is also defined as a wise heart.  These women were very good at spinning goats’ hair into usable threads. They were also very wise.  They fully understood their part in building God’s sanctuary. God has given every follower of Christ a spiritual gift to grow His church.  When God moves in you, it is good to remind yourself that your abilities are given by Him for His work. All of us can contribute to growing God’s family.  Ask God how you can help Him through your abilities.  What talent has God gifted you to serve Him and others?  How are you wired to serve Him?  Take that step of faith and use your abilities to serve Him.

3) God moves us to give from our ABUNDANCE.  (vv.27-29) “The rulers brought the onyx stones and the stones for setting for the ephod and for the breastpiece; and the spice and the oil for the light and for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense.” When we look at how God moves us to give from our abundance, the majority of us might think this does not apply. But if you make more than $35,000 annually, you are in the top 1% of all income earners globally. Sure, it’s all relative but there are billions of people who live with way less than we do. We, in the United States, are affluent and have more than we need but also have the luxury of having our wants too. Most of us have more than we need but how often do we consider giving from our abundance?  Maturing in our relationship with Jesus requires a change of perspective.  We grow up thinking we should get what we deserve. We convince ourselves that what we have accumulated are the results and reward for our hard work and sacrifice.  In reality there are billions of people in this world who work harder than we do and yet have very little.  When we are moved by God, it may be His way to help us recall that, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” (James 1:17) Giving for the cause of Christ stimulates and challenges our faith. When we give it should be uncomfortable.  Giving sacrificially stretches and strengthens our faith.  Faith in God means we trust Him with our lives.  When we trust Him with our riches, faith is lived out.  Giving from your abundance will grow your faith and mature you spiritually.

Israel gave so freely and liberally that Moses requested the people to stop giving. As we respond to God’s movement to give from our ASSETS, ABILITIES, and ABUNDANCE, we will grow deeper in our faith and closer to God. May God move in all of us to give freely and liberally so that we will be drawn nearer to God. 

Missions Moment: Thank you to Jondy Natividad, for sharing his call to go to Japan with, “On A Mission,” a group of 10 using basketball and conversational  English to reach out to youth in Nagano, Yokohama and Tokyo, July 25th through August  6th.  Jondy shared, “I humbly ask for prayer, encouragement and support for this trip, as I continue to allow God to work in my life and use the gifts he has bestowed me for His Glory.” Financial support can be given through SLZJCC, memo: On A Mission.


Calendar Items:

6/7          9:30pm           Women’s Bible Study Praise Brunch – last meeting before summer break

6/9          5:30pm           Little House potluck and fellowship time

6/9          6:00pm           Youth Fellowship Graduation Party

6/16        7:00pm           Jennifer and Brian Yun baby shower at the church

8/18      10:45am            Missions Moment – Makoto & Amy 

6/18      12:15pm            Joint Father’s Day Potluck (Joint Fellowship Hour canceled for June 25)

6/24        9:30am           Fong’s ministry breakfast. Invitation Link-  http://evite.me/fkSEjWvy37

6/25      10:45am            JEMS summer camp workers’ commissioning

6/29        7:00pm           Wedding Shower for Benjamin Le and Lea Endo – At the church and all are invited


7/1          8:30am           Mission Prayer

7/4-7                             Shuyokai

7/2-8                             JEMS Mt. Hermon Summer Camp & Special Camp

7/13-15                         General Assembly at WCCC

7/16      12:30pm            VBS Setup

7/17-21                         Vacation Bible School – “Maker Fun Factory”

7/21-25                         Brazilian Holy Art Youth Choir (hosted by LAHC HYC)

7/22-28                         NAOMI House Mission

7/24-8/2                        Japan Mission – Chiba VBS

8/5                                SanLo Annual Golf Outreach

8/12      1pm-6pm           Special Camp Post Camp Retreat

8/13        9:00am           SS Teacher’s Kickoff Meeting

9/16                              3 on 3 Hoops Classic

10/7                              JCCWC 40th Anniversary

10/14                            88th Anniversary (8/13/1929) and Fall Banquet

10/31                            Harvest Festival

11/10                            Craft Day setup

11/11                            CRAFT DAY!


Have a great week, moved and stirred by the Lord,

Stan , for SLZJCC