January 8 - Message Update

Dear San Lo Community, an update for the week of January 8, 2017

Thank you Pastor Scott for the message from Exodus 2:1-10, “The Love Boat.”  The title is from a TV show from the 70’s and 80’s. It revolved around people falling in love, but the love shown here with Moses is not a feeling, but an action. From the time Moses was born, he had to be shown a lot of love in order to survive. God used many different people to show love in action to Moses. Moses’ mother put her love into action and did all she could and allowed God to do the rest. Question – “What does love in action look like?”

1 – Love in action protects. (vv.1-3) Can you imagine what this mother went through? We find out later that her name was Jochebed. Without ultrasound, she did not know if her baby would live or have to be thrown into the river. Her son is born and she has to hide him for 3 months. Jochebed fought off all these personal desires to protect her son. She hid him and kept him safe for those 3 months. Safe because his mother loved him and protected him. But then it says she could not hide him anymore. So what is a mother to do? She makes a basket, puts a sticky tar all over it so it’ll be strong and float and puts it by the reeds in the river. Why? Perhaps she saw no other way to protect him. Ironic – Pharaoh commanded all boys be put in the river. Jochebed continued to do what she could to protect her son. “Basket,” is the same word used for “Noah’s ark”.  Both the ark and this basket were used to preserve life. Both were made from natural resources and both made with a purpose. The ark saved mankind and animals. The basket saved a baby who would grow up and one day rescue his people.  From His people, Jesus would be born. There is no way Jochebed knew all this. But she did know she loved her son and her love motivated her to protect him because love in action protects. 

2 – Love in action shows compassion. (vv.4-6) Pharaoh’s daughter finds Moses floating in the basket in the reeds and she took pity it says. She could have told her father. She could have done what everyone in the land was commanded to do. But despite going against her fathers wishes, she had compassion. It doesn’t say how she showed compassion yet but it was enough for Moses’ sister to offer assistance and we will get to that in a minute. What we know here is that she had compassion for him and appeared to want to do something. It’s easy to say you feel bad for someone.  But love in action does something about it! Love in action doesn’t just talk about compassion. It shows compassion. Love feeds the homeless. Love clothes the poor. Love steps in when the world steps out. Love shares Jesus with the lost. Love makes a difference in this world. Love in action shows compassion. 

3 – Love in action steps out in faith. (vv.7-8) Moses’ sister, Miriam, did what she needed to not only save her brother but also reunite him with his mother. Notice that as soon as the princess recognizes that the baby is a Hebrew baby, Miriam offers her help. Maybe she didn’t want the princess to have time to think about killing the baby. Miriam makes it easy for the princess by offering a Hebrew lady to nurse the baby. It couldn’t have been easy for Miriam to approach the princess. It could have seemed suspicious that she happened to be right there. And why would a princess need help from a little girl? There were many reasons why Miriam should have stayed hidden and quiet. But her love for Moses and her mom did not let her. Her love made her step out in faith and in so doing, saved her brother. 

4 – Love in action saves us. (vv.9-10) So look where this has gone.  A few minutes earlier, Jochebed was putting her baby in a mini boat and leaving him in the river.  And now she is being paid to nurse her own baby! Think about that. Not only does her baby get to live, she is reunited with him and now she gets paid to take care of him! Only God can arrange something like that. If we focus only on Jochebed and Moses, we miss out on the whole story. The big picture is God created Moses with a purpose, to lead His people out of Egypt. From this came Jesus who redeemed the world. God saved Moses, Israel and He saves us. You also were created with purpose. You are not here by chance but first and foremost to have a relationship with Jesus and to help others come to know Jesus personally.

God’s love is always in action. He is working in your life right now. You may not sense it. You may not know it. You may not feel it, but He is working. Let Him work in you and through you. Let your love in action speak boldly.


Praises and Prayer Requests:

Grace Vilain shared her call to serve on a medical mission to India January 25 through February 7 to serve the poorest of the poor to give the hope in Jesus Christ while giving them needed health care.

Richard Shinoda asked for prayer for his uncle’s stepson, Ron Shinoda, who suffered a stroke on New Year’s Day, and is recovering and is expected to be released sometime this week.

Nick Wong shared his gratitude for prayer and support to be in Thailand these past two week. He felt God’s blessing and presence as he spent time prayer-walking and meeting with various missionaries. Please pray for him as he processes all he experienced as he seeks the Lord’s direction for the next steps.

Estela shared praise to God for many blessings and unconditional love she and Julio received as they went through recent trials. Please continue to pray for them as they prepare for their baptism on January 29th.


Calendar Items:

1/13-16                         Winter Vision Conference in Watsonville

1/14   10am-4pm            4-Church Nichigo New Year’s Meeting

1/15        6:00pm           Evening Service with special guest speaker, Rev. Tatsuya Shindo

1/22   both services       Missions Moment – Andy Jeung-ERRC

1/22   10am&12pm         AADP Bone Marrow Donor Drive           

1/22      12:45pm            Evangelism seminar, “Sharing the Gospel” (Jeff Kataoka, Jessica Pham)

1/27        5:30pm           F3 Potluck Dinner and Fellowship

1/29        9:00am           Small Group Kickoff Breakfast

1/29      12:15pm            Baptisms & New Membership Transfers – Reception/Joint Fellowship Hour

1/30-2/2                        OMS Pastor’s Retreat


2/3          7:11pm           B.A.M.

2/5          9:00am           Deacons Meeting (rm.8-9)

2/5        12:30pm            Baby Shower for Wendy & Jeff Chun

2/12      12:15pm            Grow San Lo Capital Campaign Launch

2/12      12:45pm            Missions Team meeting in room 8-9

2/25      (TBD)              55+ PACE Workshop – Laurie Shigekuni (see Gary Yamashita)


3/3-4                             B.A.S.S. Convention

3/5                                Visitor Day

3/11-17                         Young Life Homestay Program (Daisuke and Cheryl Ikegami)

3/26        9:00am           Missions Team meet with Joey and Jasmine Tell (http://www.wheelchairproject.com/the_team/)

3/26      10:45am            Missions Moment – Joey and Jasmine Tell


Have a blessed week with your love in action,

Stan , for SLZJCC