January 24 - Message Update

Making All Things Glorious – Revelation 21:1-22:6 – Pastor Eric


Most of the time, many people even Christians do not have a good idea of what Heaven is like or even how to get there. The idea of Heaven is somewhat foggy and unclear.  People have more questions than answers. People have false assumptions about Heaven.


Therefore, it is imperative to answer the question, what will Heaven be like? Revelation teaches us this vital truth that God will make all things glorious in Heaven.  God will make all things new in Heaven with a whole new heaven and earth. Heaven will be the place to dwell with our glorious and good God in perfect harmony and bliss forever.


(1) God will make a new world without suffering and sin. In Heaven, there will be no pain, no heartache, no death, and no strife. There will exist no more sin, evil, or temptation. The impulse to do wrong or stray from the Lord will no longer be there. (Revelation 21:1-4)


The Apostle John has this grand vision of the new heaven and earth. God will transform the earth, and God will bring about a whole new reality of life and existence, where all the negative forces of sin will be gone.  One will never have to wrestle with their sinful nature again. One will never feel the pain of illness or heartache of loneliness again.  What a glorious day that will be!


(2) God will make a new world with heavenly blessings. God will give us a place full of heavenly riches that are beyond our wildest imaginations and dreams. It will be an experience that will blow to our minds filled with God and His goodness. (Revelation 21:5-22:6)


2a. Heaven will be the blessing of our glorious God. First and foremost, Heaven will be about God and His glory, and it has to be or else Heaven isn’t Heaven. There is no Heaven without the centrality of God. (Revelation 21:5-8)


God will recreate the world. Jesus affirms this is a true, good, and valid statement, because it’s about God, Himself and His work. Revelation 21:6 says, “It is done!” Heaven will be the culmination of all of history from the beginning of time and to the end of time.  Everything will lead to Jesus Christ, the Sovereign King of the Everything, the Alpha and Omega.


One can look forward to a heaven without suffering and sin, with streets of gold, with angelic beings, with a river of life, but still miss the point that it’s all about God. John warns us not to miss that central point, because there is an eternal tragedy in Hell if you do in verse 8.  For Heaven will only be occupied by those who trusted in Jesus Christ and who repented of their sinfulness here on earth. Jesus Christ is the one we all have been waiting for, and no person or thing can ever give you what God can both now and forever.


2b. Heaven will be the blessing of God’s glorious home. Heaven will be the perfect dwelling place with the people of God.  God will bring together people of every tribe, tongue, and nation in Heaven. (Revelation 21:9-14)


John’s vision of Heaven continues to see the New Jerusalem, the Holy City. This is where we get a glorious picture of God’s city upon the earth. The city is made of jasper and many other precious elements to display God’s radiance and splendor.


In this new city, there will be the great and high wall with twelve gates from the twelve tribes of Israel with the foundation of the twelve apostles.  The gates and foundation of the Holy City teach us that God will bring together His two-covenant people, Israel and the Church. God will keep His promise to His chosen people, Israel, and God will keep His promise to the Church to be one race under God.


The Heavenly attitude is to bring Heaven down to earth now. Jesus taught this truth in the Lord’s prayer, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Heaven ought to shape our present relationships to be filled with love, joy, and peace. So that, we, the Church, let the family of God be determined by the content of its heavenly character, not it’s earthly differences.


2c. Heaven will be the blessing of a glorious new life. Heaven will be a real and physical place of endless joy.  Boredom doesn’t exist in Heaven. Heaven will be filled with worship, service, and delight. (Revelation 22:1-5)


John envisions the reality of a renewed Eden just like in Genesis.  In Genesis, a river flows out of Eden, but in Heaven, the river flows out of the throne of God. In Heaven, the tree of life will most likely be a group of trees, not a single tree. There will be many trees along the banks of the river of life to represent an abundance of life and God’s goodness. There will be no darkness only pure light from the glory of God.


In verse 3, the word for worship can also be translated to serve, so that believers will serve the Lord in various ways. We will work and care for the new earth like Adam and Eve were to supposed to in Eden.  We will have priestly duties to honor God and we will never to tire. The blessings of Heaven will be the pleasures of worship, service, work, and eternal rest.


The imperative question for all is: Do you know for sure that Heaven is your destiny and your final resting place with God?


People don’t go to Heaven, because they were good enough or did more good than bad. People can’t merit Heaven or save themselves. People get to Heaven by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s own son, upon the cross and His resurrection from the dead.


Heaven can be your final resting place, if you have trusted in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and your Lord (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10). If you’ve never made that choice, then come to Christ today, and put your faith in the God who saves.


For every believer, there is hope and peace in the eternal security of our Savior, even when we live a world of suffering and sin. The journey in this life will be only temporary compared to eternity, and it will be a gateway to glory for one day God will make all things new and glorious.


For that, we should all be expectant and assured of what a glorious day that will be when God welcomes us home!


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