February 4 - Message Update

SanLo Community, an update for February 4, 2018

Thank you Pastor Scott for the message from Ephesians 3:14-19, “Follow the Leader.” We’ve all had experiences playing follow the leader, some good and others not as good, but there is someone who is worthy of being followed, Jesus. Maybe you’ve been pondering that very thought – why should I follow Jesus? Why should I seek Him? Why should I put my faith in Jesus? You know how special a relationship in Christ is. You know there is no one else worthy to be followed. Hopefully this message is a reminder to you. Or maybe you made a decision before to follow Jesus but you’ve been discouraged by different things in life.  Maybe you’ve found yourself making choices that led to consequences you didn’t like.  You want to follow Jesus but you forgot what that was like.  Why should you seek the Lord? 

The Apostle Paul writes to the church of Ephesus and lets them know he is praying for them. He reminds them that God is not just some figure out there somewhere that rules the galaxy. He is our Heavenly Father and we are His family. (vv.14-15) Anyone who wants to be a part of God’s family only needs to ask Him. Being a part of a family is important. It is vital as believers to stay connected with other believers so we can encourage, support and pray for each other. When you ask Jesus into your life, you become a member of an amazing family with an even more amazing father.

 1) You will receive God’s power. (vv.14-17a) It’s all about God’s power. Not ours. Yet we often try to do things our way which can lead to shortcomings, failure, and disappointment. When Paul wrote this letter to the church at Ephesus, he wanted to strengthen and encourage them.  He spent three years with them.  He knew that their strength would come from the Lord, not from themselves. And it’s the same with us. We need to rely on strength of the Lord. Example: Have you been wronged and you have a hard time forgiving? It is hard to try to find love, peace and forgiveness on your own. You may stay up late at night thinking about that person who hurt you. The discouragement they threw at you. You swear you could never forgive them. And you may be right, at least not by your own power. Maybe you struggle with lying, or  cheating? Or stealing? Or with greediness, being thoughtless, being mean, whatever. Seek the Lord and He will help you. You will receive His power. God’s power has a way of breaking through barriers, of tearing down walls that seem impossible for us. His power can heal. His power can transform hearts.  His power can work miracles! How about our power? Our power is limited.  His is infinite! Our power is short sighted.  His power sees eternity. Our power relies on whatever we might know. His power comes from the One who created the universe! Why would you ignore God who wants to help you? Who wants to guide you and love you and give you a peace that no one else can give? When you receive Christ, He will strengthen you, He will give you the power you need to do the things He wants you to do. Verse 17, Christ will dwell in your heart through faith. He is in you. He will help you. Sometimes we think of strength as muscles and how much you can bench press. But here it refers to strength from within, not of our own like lifting weights but from God. “Power through His Spirit in your inner being.” Christianity is not something we do, it’s who we are. More importantly, who HE is! The more we allow Christ to work within us, the more connected we are to Him and it will show in our daily lives – the way we treat others, the way we make decisions, the attitude we have. When we seek the Lord, it is amazing to see the awesome things He does!

 2)  You will experience God’s love. (vv.17b-19) Continuing on verse 17, …being rooted and established in love, we may have power. Talking about power again. But power to do what? (vv.18-19) To grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. Why is this important? Why is it so important to know how vast and huge God’s love is? Being loved is one of the most important basic needs we can experience. Don’t we all want to be loved? We want our children to know how much we love them and do so much for them even if we are dead tired. Why? Because we love our children. And guess what? God loves us even more than that! He wants you to know just how great His love for you is!

His love is Wide – His love covers the breadth of all our experiences.

His love is Long – It covers our whole lives.

His love is High – It goes as high as all our elation and good times.

His love is Deep – It covers us when we are in our lowest and saddest and deepest times. It reaches down to the depths of disappointment, discouragement, depression, despair and even death. The bottom line is making the decision to have a relationship with Christ is the most important thing you can do in your life.  Nothing else even comes close.

At the end of your life, what else will matter? When we seek Him, He gives us power and love.  But He gives us so much more than that! In Him, we have forgiveness, we have peace and joy, we have everlasting life. You can have all that if you seek Him too.

 Calendar Items:   

2/9           5:30pm          Little House Potluck and Fellowship

2/18   both services        Mission Moment CAJ/Xian

2/25       12:45pm           Important Church Meeting! – GrowSanLo Update

2/25          t.b.d.            Mission Team Meeting (room 8-9)


3/2-3                              Bay Area Sunday School Convention

3/4      both services        Mission Moment - Special Camp

3/10   10am – 12pm          Special Camp Information Meeting

3/10-20                            Hosting Young Life Homestay Group

3/17       5:00pm              Young Life students and host families potluck dinner

3/25                                 Palm Sunday – Annual Church Photo & Potluck Fellowship Hour

3/30         7:00pm             Good Friday Service


4/1                                   Easter – light snacks between the two services will be offered.

4/8           9:00am            Deacons Meeting

4/28      9am - 1pm          Special Camp Aide Training

4/29      8am-10am          Christian Education Appreciation Brunch


Have a blessed week following Jesus Christ,

Stan, for slzjcc