December 22 - Message Update

The King’s Gift – Matthew 2:7-12 – Pastor Eric


People today are confused and puzzled by this child born named Jesus Christ. For many people Jesus Christ is mysterious like a Secret Santa, and others might see him like Santa Claus that He must fulfill their wish list. On the flip side of that, people see Jesus, like Santa Claus in a very different way, because they believe if they just don’t enough good deeds, then they will be on His naughty list.


Sadly, these beliefs are all false beliefs for God is not hiding, He is not a personal Santa Claus, and salvation in Christ is a free gift.  So, it is imperative that we clearly understand, who is this child to be King?


The first must-see truth is that Jesus Christ is the King who rules over every human power. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the one true authority figure who is always right and just. He has complete control over every power in the world. (Matthew 2:7-8)


In this passage, Herod was a powerful and accomplished leader, but with all of his successes, he was an extremely paranoid and anxious king. Jesus comes upon the scene as a new threat to him. So, Herod is driven by his own ambition and anxiety to maneuver the situation in his favor, to create an advantage for himself, and to squash any treat to his throne.


But beyond the power of this great king, beyond his sinister manipulation, and beyond the secrecy of his plan, God is not foiled, God is not duped, and God’s plan is not thwarted as Herod never finds Jesus.


This story reflects the truth that God is above any human power, above any government, and above any world leader. He is the true King, the King of Kings, and He sits upon His Heavenly throne and is in full in control of all the world’s affairs especially the affairs in your own kingdom. And if God can manage kings and kingdoms, then He can manage your life. God can bring peace to your anxiety, rest to your weary heart, and love to your lonely soul, if you let Him.


The second must-see truth is that Jesus Christ is the King who rules over every joy of life. Jesus Christ is the King who can bring wonder and amazement to our lives like no one else. There isn’t a person in this world who can satisfy the deepest longings of your heart more than Jesus. (Matthew 2:9-10)


The Magi leave King Herod. They make their way toward the direction of the star that lead them to Judea from the East. God has done the miraculous as this star directs them right to Bethlehem where Jesus is.


This teaches us that our God is not only far and above any human power, but He is also far and above any natural power. This shouts to us that God is a supernatural God who controls both man and universe in the wink of an eye. He is both King of Kings and King of the Universe.


The wisemen rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. They expressed a great joy not, because of their fascination with a supernatural phenomenon so much, but because that supernatural star was pointing to the longing of their heart to see the King, the Christ child. Their great joy was found in the discovery of the King and should be ours as well. Sadly, this season we can miss what is the true joy of Christmas.


So, what is your fascination this Christmas season? What will bring you the greatest joy and happiness this week? Or who will bring you the greatest delight this holiday season?


The simple answer will always be found in Christ and in Him alone. There are no other substitutes to find true and everlasting joy, then in the arms of the Savior of the World. The King rules over every pleasure in life as no man, woman, possession, prize, or gift can satisfy your heart like Jesus can.


The last must-see truth is that Jesus Christ is the King who is worthy of our worship. Jesus Christ is worthy of our possessions, our livelihood, and our hearts. We must confess and commit to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. (Matthew 2:11-12)


The wisemen arrive at the home of Joseph and Mary, and they’ve come a long way to meet this child. Their first response is to fall at His feet and to worship Him. The wisemen pay great homage to this King, and they pledge their allegiance to Him in a very significant manner with three precious gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. The gifts were all very precious and valuable. Fit for a King! 


The gifts reflect the true character of the King making Him worthy of their worship and our worship. We are compelled to follow and to submit ourselves to Christ for He is the King of Kings and King of the Universe.


Thus, we come to see through the gospel that Jesus is the true King who gave up everything by leaving Heaven’s glories to come to earth, to die on a cross, to save us from our sins as only God can do.


The good news reveals to us that Jesus Christ is the King who provides the only way to salvation; thus, He shows us the only way to truly live. For He is the King who rules over everything making Him worthy of our everything.


This good news is God’s gift for lowly beggars like us to receive and to live for the God who reigns and rules over all. Receive the King’s free gift of love and grace this Christmas!!!



Songs of Praise:

Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Yee Faithful, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, Jesus Name Above All Names, Doxology


Next Sunday, Dec. 29, 10:45am  One Service with Fellowship Hour – Pastor Brian preaching from Matthew 2:16-23