Baptismal Service and Receiving of Several New Members

Praise God! There will be a Baptismal Service and receiving of several new members next Sunday, January 29th at 12:15pm. 

Getting baptized are: Jill Louie, Angela Kao, Carly Ogata, Julio Lopez, Estela Mamangun, Dayla Shimada, Crystal Tran, Krysta Brock, Edgar Brock, and Rie Hannon (Nichigo). 

Received into membership: Jill Louie, Angela Kao, Estela Mamangun, Julio Lopez, John Dalisay, Lara Dalisay, Melissa Wong, Steven Inn, Pansy Inn, Christine Kawabata, Doug Inori, Kaeko Inori, and Rie Hannon. 

A welcome reception will follow. Please bring finger food to share. Those who live in Alameda/Oakland are in charge.