August 13 - Message Update

Dear SANLO Community, an update for the week of August 13, 2017…

Thank you Pastor Eric for the message from 1 Timothy 6:17-19, “Rich in God – Part 2.” People are obsessed with being rich and wealthy. Becoming rich might seem like something completely unattainable, but the feeling of being rich is closer than you think. If the world values money and wealth in dollars and cents, then for every believer, whether young or old, wealthy or not, it’s crucial for us to understand, a more important question, “How can I be rich in God?” How can I be spiritually wealthy in the eyes of the Lord? Paul provides three truths for us to hold onto.

1) Humbly put your confidence in the Ultimate Giver. Do not be haughty or arrogant with your wealth, but be grateful and thankful for what God has provided for you whether a lot or a little. Set your hope and your dreams upon Jesus, not yourself. (v.17) 17 As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy. Paul charges and commands believers not to be haughty and not to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches. Don't put your dreams and your stock in the instability of money and wealth. Paul isn’t saying that you shouldn’t save for the future nor is he saying that you shouldn’t have a 401k or retirement fund. Those things are wise investments and good stewardship practices. Rather Paul says, “Don’t give your heart and mind to it. Don’t put your confidence and trust in what you have or things of this world.” Paul says, “Put your confidence and trust in the one who gives them.” Set your sights on something far more stable, far more trustworthy, and far more superior, the Almighty Provider of all things, Jesus Christ.  Paul emphasizes but on God, who richly provides; who richly and abundantly gives to us both in a physical and a spiritual sense. Paul is saying to put your stake in God and the security of God and the gospel. Be a kingdom stakeholder, not a worldly one. We can have a humble and firm confidence that God will provide everything we need. God calls us to set our hope upon Him. Let’s put our confidence in His provisions. Rest our hopes and dreams upon Him, the Ultimate Giver.

2) Be prepared to give generously. Be ready to give, not receive. Be a person who is willing to share your resources. Be a giver, not a taker. Be prepared to give. (v.18) 18 They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share.  Paul gives an instruction and charge to believers. He moves away from a spoiled and snobby attitude toward an attitude that is humble and generous. Paul gives them this list in verse 18. Do good, be rich in good works, to be generous, and ready to share. Do something that is significant. From significance come riches in good works. Riches in Christ are involved, active, and tangible. Be generous and ready to share.  From significance, to action, to generosity. Generous can be translated as liberal - have an open wallet, not in spending but in giving toward others. We give to God and others never out of reluctance, nor under compulsion, under pressure by God or others. Nobody is going to strong arm you to give. God loves it when we are a happy giver, when we are willing to give, not to appease Him or pay Him back, but because we love Him and He has given to us.  The ESV translates this verse, ready to share. There is a readiness, enthusiasm, and eagerness to give. It’s important to note that our giving shouldn’t be wild nor should we neglect our basic needs, our children and priorities in life, but it should challenge us and our living style. When God supplies, we ought to be ready and willing rather than reluctant to give. When we come to put our confidence and trust in God, we will be more ready to give. We are more willing to pass it forward, because we know that God has put it in our hand so we can put it in someone else’s hand.

3) Make an investment in eternity. Build up the kingdom of Heaven. Selflessly store treasures for the future rather than the present. Be a kingdom contributor. Make an eternal investment. (v.19) 19 thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.  Paul closes with a dazzling incentive to store up treasures in Heaven. Believers are to amass heavenly treasures by giving toward others. Paul is NOT saying, when you give to God that you are earning your salvation and keep in Heaven. Paul is NOT saying that we earn eternal life nor is he saying that our good works or contributions merit our Heavenly place. We never, never buy or purchase our seat in Heaven! What Paul is saying is true riches have nothing to do with earthly wealth. The only riches that will survive this world are those invested by God’s people in generous giving. Our investment now won’t be fully seen until we get to heaven. True giving comes with faith to believe that whatever we give today we won’t really fully know how it will impact others but we trust God knows. How might we apply this to our GROW SANLO? This campaign tests where our confidence and faith is and it calls us to make an eternal investment for the future of our church and for the Kingdom of God. This is the challenge for us as a church to make an investment, not blindly, but trusting in our God that He’ll provide a suitable place for us to grow in Christ, to make more disciples, and to bring more people into the Kingdom of God.

Our riches are found in God’s ultimate love, provision, and gift, His Son, so that we are willing to do the same thing as Jesus did for us.  We are willing to make an investment in eternity, because God made an investment in us. We are ready to give generously, because God generously gave up Himself for us.


Missions Moment: Praise God for how He answered prayer for Jondy Natividad and the, “On A Mission” team. All three camps went better than expected in that they were able to share their personal testimonies and pray with students when before, they were asked not to by the school officials. After the basketball camps were observed by the school personnel, they were asked to return and possibly expand to include more students. Please pray for Jondy and OAM as they seek direction from the Lord for future ministries.

Calendar Items

8/25        6:00pm           6th Grade Welcome Party

8/26      9am-3pm           room 10 reserved for training session (Pastor Brian)

8/27      12:30pm            Missions Team meeting in room 8-9

8/30        9:30am           Women’s Bible Study resumes

9/2          8:30am           Missions Prayer

9/3        10:45am            Children’s SS resumes from Summer break

9/16                              3 on 3 Hoops Classic at Alameda Point Gym

9/17      12:30pm            Craft Day planning meeting for assignments, confirm teachers and design program

9/23    10am-12pm         Potluck Brunch for supporters of Andy Jeung / ERRC

10/14                            88th Anniversary (13th) and Fall Banquet

10/31                            Harvest Festival

11/11                            CRAFT DAY!


Have an abundant week, rich in God,

Stan , for SLZJCC