Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 03.28.17

Why can’t we build upon our existing property?

We do not have any more available space to build upon our existing property.
We can’t build up per building code, we need more parking spaces, which we don’t have.

How did we arrive at the $1.5 million dollar goal?

We arrived at our financial goal of $1.5 million dollars, because this would allow us to use our exist equity and building fund to hopefully purchase a new facility.

We also talked with a church fundraising company, and their realistic target for church is twice their annual income.

Do we really need the space to purchase a new facility?

Classroom space:

We have a growing need for classroom space.
We don’t have enough space for our children, which are cramped into a few classrooms.
We also no longer have an adult Sunday school, because there is no where to meet.


Our church doesn’t have a safe place for kids to be kids. Our parking lot is a dangerous place with cars coming in and out. A new facility would allow for a play structure or kids area.

Office space:

Our staff actually share office space, which makes it different for appointment, meetings and interaction.


The restrooms are crowded on Sunday mornings.


We would like to get back to a one service and be united as one church.

Have we consider the option of planting a new church instead?

Yes. This is the long-term goal of our church.
However, we have planted a church before, the church took a considerable hit with our small attendance at the time. Therefore, the long-term vision is to grow to about 300 with a Sunday attendance and plant a new church of a 100 people.

Why is the target date October 13, 2018?

This date is our anniversary date for the church, which would be a time moment to celebrate what God has and will do. This timeframe allows us enough time for all of us to give and to participate in this GROW SANLO campaign.


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